Privacy Policy

Our goal is to build long-term relationships built on honesty and transparency. Respecting your is therefore essential to us. This policy identifies the personal data we collect, how we use and protect that data, and your rights to remove your data from our systems.


• We will collect ONLY the minimum data necessary to provide our services.
• We will use your data only for the purpose for which it is supplied.
• We will not share your data, with anyone, without your prior permission.
• We will remove your data from our system at your request.

The Data we collect

To help us provide you with the best service possible, the only personal data that we require is your name, address, email address and mobile contact telephone number. If you have a technical service, then we will also retain technical information in relation to an allergy skin test and the technical products used during your service. We never store credit card or debit card information .

What we will do with your data

We will use your e-mail address to send you reminders of your appointments, salon news, and special offers. We may also use it to recommend to you products and services that we think may be of benefit to you; and to sometimes send you information to enhance your health and safety in the salon.

Protecting Your Data

Your data is stored on a server that can only be accessed by authorised personnel. We make every effort to create a secure environment for your data.

How to withdraw Consent

You may withdraw your consent at any time. If you contact us in writing by emailing us at enquiries@, we will remove your date from our mailing list at your request. If you have not visited the salon in 2 years, then your data is automatically deleted from our system.

Contacting Us

If you have any queries in relation to our website or to a Privacy Policy, then please contact us: Headquarters Hair Salon, 39-40 Market Place, Kingston KT1 1JQ. Email: enquiries@ . Tel : 0208 549 0078

0208 549 0078/0032